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Subtitles translator V2

With our subtitles translator you can translate SRT subtitles without any limit! There are many translators which translate subtitles from one language to another language and they spend a lot of time manually translating subtitles, with our online subtitle translator they can translate instantly subtitle file into the desired language and correct some wrong translated lines, this will help us to get quick subtitles for any new movies or series.

Many websites which offer you to use a Google API subtitles translator limit the translation of the subtitle SRT files or you must pay some money for translating SRT subtitle file. Our free Google subtitles translator API will remain free, just please share our work with others. In the future, it will be improved, use our subtitle translator to help the community or to earn some extra cash.

Unlike Subtitles translator V1 or Multi subtitle translator, Subtitles translator V2 can only translate subtitles that are in SRT file format!

Watch the video below to see how Subtitles Translator V2 works:

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