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Id Start Time End Time Orignal Text Translated Text
1 --> 00: 00: 00.360 -> 00: 00: 02.570 مرحبا هذا هو كارول من لالسابق العاشق دوت كوم. 00: 00: 00.360 -> 00: 00: 02.570 مرحبا هذا هو كارول من لالسابق العاشق دوت كوم.
2 . -->
3 . -->
4 10 minute shots you can have 15 minute chance 30 minute charge weekly charts monthly charts and you -->
5 Also candle charts can sometimes be colored just as we sort of bar charts and that helps traders see -->
6 Also when the day finished at midnight between Day two and day three the Euros dollar currency pair -->
7 And also throughout day two the price naturally moved up and down and somewhere there there was a minimum -->
8 And as we saw through the creation process and Ubar has four price points the open price which is the -->
9 And as you can see here this is the typical metal Treader for bar chart. -->
10 And before we finish up this tutorial I'd like to mention that forex charts are available not only at -->
11 And finally I wanted to show you the same bar chart but in a different color scheme because we will -->
12 And finally this brings us to the last type of forex chart which is a line chart a line chart basically -->
13 And here a all means the same color as the background filled means a different color the way to remember -->
14 And now I'll change this bar chart into a candle chart and you should decide for itself which one you -->
15 And to get to know the situation a bit better we're going to start by throwing two axes. -->
16 And welcome back to the course on forex trading. -->
17 As you can see it's much simpler and carries less information but sometimes it can be very convenient -->
18 As you can see now how much more information might be a bit more cluttered. -->
19 As you can see the closing price of one day is actually the opening price of the next day. -->
20 Bars are the bullish bars and it's actually a matter of personal preference whether you like the bar -->
21 Bars that are going down are called Barish bars and bars that are going up are called bullish bars. -->
22 But generally speaking in most cases bars flow on from each other. -->
23 But if you haven't doesn't matter. -->
24 But most importantly we can see the line chart which is showing us that currently the euro is dollar -->
25 But the way to remember is is not black and white but hollow and filled. -->
26 But we can see where the highs and lows were and exactly how this progression or this trend is developing -->
27 But we'll go into more detail on this in further tutorials and you'll see how we naturally will work -->
28 But we'll talk more about bears and bulls in one of the upcoming tutorials. -->
29 Dashon the left the low price which is the bottom of the vertical bar the high price which is the top -->
30 Day one day two and day three. -->
31 First thing we can notice is that because of these vertical lines some of the rectangles actually do -->
32 Here is the year is dollar daily line chart. -->
33 If we now connect the x's on the vertical bar and forget about the Xs themselves then we have now created -->
34 In essence this chart carries the same information that just visually presented differently. -->
35 In this case Red means bearish candles green means bullish candles. -->
36 In this case the background of the charred is black so hollow will be black and therefore the bullish -->
37 In this instance and whereas white is the opposite of black and therefore the Barish bars are white -->
38 Instead of vertical bars and horizontal dashes we've got these rectangles with lines sticking out of -->
39 It all depends which one is visually more plausible to you. -->
40 It is green on black so I'm just going to transform this now. -->
41 It only represents the close price. -->
42 It's called the candle chart and I'm just going to transition this bar chart into a candle chart and -->
43 It's got a black background and it's got black and white bars. -->
44 It's got a body and it's got two shadows. -->
45 Let's Martis price move for simple dash at the correct price level. -->
46 Let's mark that as well. -->
47 Let's mark that one for next as well. -->
48 Now every one of these candles has three elements to it. -->
49 Now let's for a second forget about day one and day three and just focus on day two we're going to use -->
50 Now let's look at the same chart but represented by a bar chart. -->
51 Now sometimes these bar charts can be colored into red and green rather than just black to help traders -->
52 Now these are four blue lines represent each one of them represents the start of a new day on our timeline -->
53 Now this is a bar chart and for us there are actually two more other types of charts that are very popular -->
54 Now we put multiple of these bars together. -->
55 Nullus have a look at a couple of real Forex charts. -->
56 Oh Etchells see stands for open high low and close. -->
57 On that note we'll wrap up today's tutorial. -->
58 Sharrow represents the minimum price or the low price. -->
59 So as you can see this is just what we talked about only the clothes prices for every single day at -->
60 So at midnight of day two there was a certain price. -->
61 So how do you understand which one is which. -->
62 So instead of looking at open high low and close luncher will only look at the close price so if we -->
63 So knowing whether a candle is going up or down it's very easy to understand whether open prices and -->
64 So let's assume for instance that we're looking at the Euro use dollar currency peg when Day 2 started -->
65 So let's start at minimum price of an X on the other hand there was also a maximum price throughout -->
66 So right now on our chart we have three days. -->
67 So the first dash the one on the left is called the Open price because the day they two opened with -->
68 So the next type of chart and perhaps you've even heard about this one. -->
69 So there is a candle chart. -->
70 So there's going to be a very fun story and we're going to talk about Forex charts very often when you -->
71 So to quickly sum up every bar has an open a low a high and a close price and that's where the abreviation -->
72 So what does it even stand for and what does it mean. -->
73 Some people use candle charts some people use bar charts. -->
74 Sometimes the shadows are also called tails. -->
75 Thank you very much for your attention and I look forward to seeing you next time. -->
76 Thank you very much for your attention and I look forward to seeing you next time. -->
77 That's the way I personally remember it. -->
78 The body is a bit trickier than with the bar chart. -->
79 The bottom of the body can represent either the open price or the close price and the top of the body -->
80 The field bars are the beverage bars. -->
81 The horizontal axis will be time and the vertical axes will be price. -->
82 The shadows are very easy to understand because they're the same as what we had with a bar chart. -->
83 The top of the top shadow represent the maximum price or the high price and the bottom of the bottom -->
84 Then we will get a 4 X bar chart. -->
85 There are some exceptions to this rule especially if you're looking at a Friday on Monday because something -->
86 This might be a bit confusing at first because here the black bars are bullish and the white bars are -->
87 We have the same chart but now it looks different. -->
88 Well there's a general convention that hollow candles a bullish candles meaning the ones going up and -->
89 Whereas for a bearish candle the top edge will be the open price and the bottom edge will be the close -->
90 a complete bar for the euro used all currency pair for that day for day two. -->
91 also had a price. -->
92 and they're filled with color in this case. -->
93 bars are black. -->
94 be working with military force and you'll notice that by default the color scheme is different. -->
95 bearish as opposed to what we had on the previous slide. -->
96 can actually have any kind of chart in between because there are special tools to create those charts -->
97 can represent the close price or the open price as well. -->
98 charts or the candle charts more. -->
99 detail. -->
100 filled candles are the ones that are going down or Barish candles. -->
101 for you. -->
102 hear about Fricks charts so you hear the abbreviation o h l c. -->
103 heavier so they're going down on the whole the ones are larger So they're going up. -->
104 like more. -->
105 look like candles and that's why it's called the candle chart. -->
106 might have happened over the weekend and the opening price on Monday might be different to the closing -->
107 now take the close prices of every single day and we connect them then we will get a line chart. -->
108 o h l c comes from. -->
109 of the vertical bar and the close price which is the dash on the right. -->
110 patterns quicker. -->
111 price and the top edge will be the close price. -->
112 price of that day. -->
113 price on Friday. -->
114 price. -->
115 see right away which bars are going down and which bars are going up. -->
116 seems to be falling down. -->
117 simplifies this whole process by representing only one single price. -->
118 that price and the second dash the one on the right is called the close price because they too closed -->
119 the bottom you can see the days on the rise you can see the prices. -->
120 the day. -->
121 the deli level but at many different timeframes so you could have one minute charge so you can have -->
122 them at the top at the bottom and some of the rectangles a hollow and some of them are filled. -->
123 this chart to represent how the price of a certain currency pair changed through time. -->
124 this currency has already had a price a certain price. -->
125 this is that hollow are lighter than FILDES because filled have more paint in them or color they're -->
126 to make rough estimations and see overall patterns and then further after this analysis go into more -->
127 watch how this transition happens in front of us. -->
128 where the clothes prices this is because for a bullish candle the bottom edge will always be the open -->
129 with 15 minute time frames and already time frames all of the concepts stay the same. -->
130 with that price. -->
130 with that price. -->

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